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UNICORE (Uniform Interface to COmputing REsources) offers a ready-to-run system including client and server software. It makes distributed computing and data resources available in a seamless and secure way in intranets and the internet.

Federating HPC with UNICORE

Fig. 1 Federating HPC with UNICORE

  • Overview gives an overview of the UNICORE features and the UNICORE architecture.

User Documentation

  • UCC - a full featured commandline client for UNICORE.

  • REST API - REST-API for job submission and management, data access and transfer, workflow submission and management

Administrator Documentation

  • Gateway - an optional server component that provides a reverse https proxy, allowing you to run several backend servers (UNICORE/X, Registery, …) behind a single address.

  • UNICORE/X - the central server component of a typical UNICORE installation that provides REST APIs for job management and data access services for a single compute cluster (or just a file system).

  • TSI - the Target System Interface (TSI) server is used to interface to a resource manager such as Slurm and to access files on the cluster.

  • XUUDB - an optional service, that is best suited as a per-site service, providing attributes for multiple UNICORE/X-like services at a site. The XUUDB maps a UNICORE user identity (which is formally an X.500 distinguished name (DN)) to a set of attributes which are typically used to provide local account details (uid, gid(s)) and commonly also to provide authorization information, i.e. the user’s role.

  • Workflow service - provides advanced workflow processing capabilities using UNICORE resources. The Workflow service provides graphs of activities including high-level control constructs (for-each, while, if-then-else, etc), and submits and manages the execution of single UNICORE jobs.

  • Registry - the Registry server is a specially configured UNICORE/X server which provides the information about available services to clients and other services.

  • UFTPD - the UNICORE File Transfer Server for high performance data transfer

UNICORE Components

Fig. 3 UNICORE Components

Getting Support

For more information, please see the Links and Support page.


UNICORE software is available as Open Source under the BSD License while the software repository is hosted on SourceForge and the source code is available on GitHub.

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